About Us

Hi Friends,

I have always loved and been attracted to the world of fashion. I was excited by every new item of clothing that I bought or received as a gift from my parents as a girl.

When I got older, I studied, among other things, fashion design in Israel and abroad.

I spent several years in the US and I was immensely inspired by the casual chic street style.

And I loved the combination of a comfortable T-shirt with any outfit and the fashionable and trendy look that could be achieved.

When I returned to Israel, I connected to the world of the sub-conscious mind and the entire subject of positive affirmations.

And then I had a passion to produce a line of T-shirts for women (at the moment) of different designs with positive affirmations that are also inspiring, fun and a little sassy … 

The T-shirts are cut in a design that is both comfortable and flattering, and can suit any casual day look or evening look that is a little more dressed up.

Hope you will enjoy what you see here.

Noa Rachel Sasson – My Cup of T