1. General

    1.1          The My Cup of T website (hereinafter: “the Website”) is operated by the business – “Noa Rachel Sasson Licensed Dealer 034790238” (hereinafter: “the Company”).

    1.2          Any use of the Website constitutes your agreement to accept and act in accordance with the Privacy Policy brought herein below and your declaration that you have read and understood the contents thereof, and you and/or anyone on your behalf will have no contention and/or claim against the Company and/or the Website and/or anyone on behalf thereof, apart from contentions related to violations of the Company’s undertakings in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

    1.3          Following herein below the Website’s Privacy Policy will be specified with regard to the privacy of its users and with regard to the collection of information and use thereof, as provided by users of the Website and/or in the course of the use thereof (hereinafter: “the Privacy Policy”).

    1.4          When using the Website information is collected about you. Some of the information has been provided by you personally and identifies you personally (for example: name and address, date of birth, products you have purchased, means of payment, etc.) and some of the information is cumulative statistical information, which does not identify you personally and is not saved together with your personal information (for example: the pages you have viewed, the products you have found interesting, the IP address you used, etc.).

    1.5          The Company does not bear any liability with respect to the use of information about you that was not obtained from you by third parties, including those that appear on the Website and are not under the Company’s control. It is your responsibility to examine the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of those same third parties.

    1.6          The Company may verify any information that you provide by comparing it with information that exists about you and/or with similar information that you have provided and/or with any other similar information that is found in the possession of any third party whatsoever.

    1.7          Anywhere in this Privacy Policy where the feminine gender is used, the intent to include the masculine is implied as well, and vice versa.


    1. Registration

    2.1          In order to make a purchase on the Website, each customer will be required to register on the Website, and in the context thereof to provide information and such details as, but not limited to: Full name, I.D. no., date of birth, email address, mailing address, telephone no. and details of means of payment.

    2.2          In addition, you may be required to select a user name and password as part of the purchase process and registration on the Website. You are requested to save these details securely to prevent adverse use thereof by third parties and it is advised that these should be replaced from time to time.

    2.3          The details mentioned above are required and must be provided so that it will be possible to provide the services offered on the Website. The provision of this information is dependent on your consent and your wishes, and you are not required by law to provide this information. However, in the absence of the requisite details that are required as part of registration, we will be unable to provide you with the purchase services on the Website.


    1. Database

                    3.1          The data that has been collected will be saved in the Company’s database.


    1. Use of Information

    4.1          The information that you have provided has been collected and will be used in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy or in accordance with the provisions of law, inter alia:

                    4.1.1     To allow you to use the various services on the Website;

                    4.1.2     To improve and upgrade the services and content offered on the Website;

                    4.1.3     To alter or cancel the services and content offered on the Website;

    4.1.4      To allow the purchase and sale of products on the Website including the publication of information and contents;

    4.1.5      To customize the contents that will be presented to you on the Website with your fields of interest;

    4.1.6      For any other purpose specified herein in this Privacy Policy or in the Terms of Use of any of the relevant services of the Company.

    4.2          By agreeing to the terms of the Privacy Policy you grant your consent to the Company’s servers to document the information received from the browser that you use, and included herein are your IP address, the pages you visited while surfing and this, for the following purposes:

                                   4.2.1      To contact you;

                                   4.2.2      To provide the option of using the Website again;

                                   4.2.3      To prevent unlawful use of the Website;

    4.2.4      To send you (by way of the Company and/or anyone on behalf thereof) by email and/or text messages, marketing or advertising promotional material that you are likely to find interesting; it must be clarified that information, as aforesaid, will be sent to you subject to the provision of your agreement in advance, which you can cancel at any time to stop receiving such contents, as aforesaid, in accordance with the provisions of Section 30A of the Communications Law (Bezeq and Services) 5742-1982 and by means that will appear in the email messages and/or text messages that you will receive from the Company.

                    In any event, should you wish not to receive such mail, as aforesaid, you will be able to write to the Company’s Customer Service at the email address with a request to remove you from the subscription list.


    1. Delivering Information to Third Parties

    5.1          The Company will not transmit your personal information and data that has been collected about your activity on the Website to any third party, except in the following instances:

    5.1.1      Your consent has been received for the transfer of the information as aforesaid;

    5.1.2      The transfer of the information and/or part thereof to third parties is required for the provision of the services offered on the Website (including for making payments and the supply of products). Unless otherwise stated, this third party will have no right to make use of the aforesaid information except for the purpose for which it was transmitted.

    5.1.3      The transfer of the information is necessary in accordance with the law and/or within the context of legal proceedings of any kind whatsoever;

    5.1.4      In the event of a legal dispute to which the Company is a party, which requires the disclosure of such information;

    5.1.5      In the event that you violate the Terms of Use on the Website and/or the Privacy Policy and/or you act on the Website contrary to law;

    5.1.6      In the event that the Company will sell and/or transfer the Website’s activity to one company and/or will merge with it and/or will merge the Website’s activity with the activity of the third party, provided that this third party will assume the provisions of the Privacy Policy toward you.


    1. Cookies

    6.1          The Company is liable to make use of Cookies for the ongoing reliable operation of the Website, and including herein for securing data, collecting statistical data about the use of the Website, and verifying information in order to customize the Website to your personal preferences.

    6.2          You can disable the option of the use of Cookies by changing the settings in your Internet browser.


    1. Securing Information

    7.1          The Company implements the latest systems and practices for securing information on its websites. While these systems and practices reduce the possibility of unauthorized penetration of your computer, these do not provide absolute security and therefore the Company does not undertake that the Website will be absolutely resistant to any unauthorized access to the information stored thereon.

    7.2          By your use of the Website, you declare and authorize that you will have no contention and/or demand and/or claim against the Company and/or anyone on behalf thereof as the result of malfunctions and/or hacking and/or any disruptions whatsoever of the Website, provided that the aforesaid was not under the Company’s control and the Company made reasonable efforts to prevent the aforesaid.


    1. Right to See the Information

    8.1          In accordance with the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981, you are entitled to see the information about you that is held in the database.

    8.2          In the event that you viewed the information about you (on the Website) and found that it is inaccurate, incomplete or unclear, you may contact the Company with a request to correct the information or delete it at the email address

    8.3          To the extent that the information in the Company’s database serves the purpose for contacting you personally, in accordance with the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981, you are entitled to demand in writing that the information relating to you will be deleted from the Company’s database. It is clarified that the information required for the management of the Company’s business and the documentation of transactions and commercial activity performed on the Website will continue to be saved in the Company’s databases, and subject to law.


    1. Changes in the Privacy Policy

    9.1          It is hereby clarified that the Company, in accordance with its exclusive discretion, may amend and update the Privacy Policy and, accordingly, it is advised to review the Privacy Policy from time to time.

    9.2          In the event that substantial changes will be made to the Privacy Policy with regard to provisions that concern the use of the personal information that you provided, notice of this will be publicized on the Website or an email message will be sent accordingly.

    9.3          For the avoidance of doubt, the laws of the State of Israel will apply to this Privacy Policy, and exclusive jurisdiction in connection with any dispute ensuing from and/or relating to the policy stated therein will be given solely to the competent courts in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa district, while negating the authority of any other court.

    9.4          The up-to-date Privacy Policy in effect will be publicized on the Website under the link “Privacy Policy” or a similar name.